Stocking Fillers 2017

Honestly how is it even Christmas next week? This month has literally had every spanner thrown into the works. Count the puppysitting job and housesitting before that, shooting the last of this year’s photoshoots and blog content, wisdom tooth coming through and throwing my back out – that’s a chaos of another story – and now all that’s left to count is the number of days before Christmas! If your stress dial is turned right up like mine is and you’re still shopping for the holidays, here’s a round up of small but thoughtful gifts for your soon-to-be-filled stockings.

I think phone cases are the perfect stocking filler. They’re practical and great for that little extra something. With how much our phones are glued to our hands these days, they’re more so an accessory, so a stylish design is a must. Olivia & co offer all that and more. Backpacks, purses, cardholders, phonecases and more in a range of desireable pinks, blacks, nudes and neautrals made in luxury leather and personally monogrammed for that special touch. With Afterpay available too, I can’t wait to get my hands on these beauties!

Drizzy, Yeezy, Biggie, oh my! Greylinesau is absolute slogan goals! Tees, hoodies, hats, clutches, shoes, you name it, they’ve got it and they’ve stuck a sick slogan on it too; that’s why my cart has been ready to checkout for absolutely forever, I can’t choose! My current wishlist items though are the ‘For the Love of Yeezus‘ denim jacket, ‘Yeezy for President‘ tee and the ‘Drake Feelings, Kanye Attitude‘ orange tee. Buying for more of a Kardashian Klan or perhaps the Wizarding World is more the scene? There’s something for everyone. Seriously. Oh an Afterpay is available. You’re welcome.

Lush Christmas products really are just a tradition now aren’t they? Waiting for the annual range to hit stores is a countdown in itself! My latest Lush crush is the Lush Santa body wash; I’ll let the experts let you in on this little secret.

Fizz open this sweet and spicy shower cream for a cleanse worthy of Santa Claus. Breath in familiar cola scent and get your bubble back!

King Kylie, I swear this young woman can do no wrong! There is no doubt that anything and everything from her latest holiday collections would sit pretty in the stocking. My eyes are sparkling for the ‘Wet Set’ highlight pallet and the brushes from the Silver collection.

Last but most certainly not least, I have to highlight the amazing products by Rodan+Fields! R+F is the number 1 selling skincare company in the US under all categories including anti ageing, acne, and premium skincare brands. The products were developed by two Stanford trained dermatologists, who are also the makers of the world renown brand Proactive. The doctors are currently practicing medicine in the Bay Area of California and have a 2-3 year waiting list for patients.

Rodan+Fields products are clinical grade products and the closest thing you can get to healing your skin without having to see a dermatologist for a prescription; and specialise in anti ageing, acne treatment, sensitive skin issues and sun damage.

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