Resolutions 2018

Firstly Happy New Year!! I hope you all had the best time welcoming in the new year! How did you celebrate? What do you hope to achieve in 2018?

Something I’ve noticed over the past few years is that a lot of my resolutions are reoccurring. Sure, there’s always the same few on everyone’s list; be healthier, quit a bad habit, save more money yada yada… but some more particular resolutions just won’t budge. It got me thinking why? What has stopped me from accomplishing these things? Why are they easier said than done? Why haven’t I pushed myself more? It’s because of this that my first resolution is to not procrastinate as much and not make excuses for myself.

I must say, I’m a brilliant list maker, always have been. I’m also extremely good at overwhelming myself with just how much I need to do by making such detailed lists I feel exhausted just thinking about it all. I have a bad habit of putting things off and these two traits don’t mix well. This year I really want to make more effort to just prioritise well, better my time management and get shit done!

Diabetes itself doesn’t really stop me from living a normal day to day life or achieving my goals, but my management of it does. For too long now I’ve let other things take priority and I’ve dropped the ball a little. I’ve been slack with testing my blood sugars and carb counting which over time can – and often has in the past – landed me in hospital with DKA (Diabetic Ketone Acidosis) Every time I’ve had to be in hospital it’s put a grinding halt to everything and work is often effected; I feel like my position in life is one step forward, two steps backward. Managing my diabetes how I should, I know, will make me feel healthier and more energetic to give me the strength I need to succeed and indulge in the best version of myself.

This has been a resolution for sometime, but this year I really want to start driving. I’ve put it off so long and in 2016 I finally did what I needed to do. I attended Tafe in a small class where I learned the theory of driving and sat for the test. I passed the first time and thought that was it! I had my license! But being diabetic, I needed a letter from my doctor and with being unwell and in and out of hospital, he is yet to grant me that.

As I get older I’m realising the importance of financial independence. It’s one thing to be able to afford things but it’s another to save. I am by no means frivolous with money and have always been told I’m very sensible but I do know I could save better so that I can start to acquire more assets and really set myself up in life at an early age.

My last main resolution for 2018 is to look after my mental health better too. It’s no good fulfilling a healthy body if your mind is not in a positive place. Although I am in a much much happier and more confident frame of mind, I have suffered depression and anxiety for sometime and despite being on medication for over a year, I haven’t spoken to anyone professional yet. I feel like I am ready to take that step now.

More than anything though, I am just so excited to continue this path of self discovery, confidence and self acceptance I have found through blogging and modelling and sharing every little moment of it all with you. Here’s to a fabulous, successful and rewarding 2018!