Blogger Profile: Annie Dinh of PastelCorals

I am so excited to be featuring the gorgeous Adelady – my gosh we have so much talent in this little ol state of Australia!! – behind PastelCorals! Here’s a little insight into how her business came to be and how her love for makeup grew into the beautiful addiction it is today!!

Hi guys! 
I’m Annie, also known as pastelcorals on Instagram and makeovers_by_annie is my makeup account! 
I always had a flair for fashion and makeup and I used to stay up so late in high school scrolling through my tumblr account looking at Runway makeup and flatlays, and 
I guess this really kicked off my obsession with makeup! 
I decided to do a course at Media Makeup in 2014 and from there my hobby turned into a job I fell in love with. I worked for MAC for 2 and a half years whilst maintaining my business on the side, Not only that I love to create content and flatlays on my Instagram. 
I remember when I started to earn some money from my casual job I got my first YSL lipstick and I treasured it so much and grew into buying more and more to post on my account. (I’m abit of a makeup addict if you can’t already see haha!)
Here are some of my favourite apps to edit my pics with: 
Face Tune
Color Story 
And good old Instagram lighting adjustments! 
Some of my favourite makeup products are :
MAC Fix+, MAC Face and Body foundation, Becca highlighters, lashes are a MUST! And GLITTER! Love a good glitter Smokey eye and a nude lip too! 
The one thing I won’t be able to live without are glass lashes for sure! It just changes you from a 3 to a good solid 10 haha if you want to start wearing lashes and find it difficult to put it on yourself try half ones first, don’t use too much glue and wait for it to go tacky! 
You can check out my Instagram accounts: @makeovers_by_annie or her personal account @pastelcorals.
For enquiries and bookings:
Now available full time for freelancing travel / based in Bowden 

Nailed it!

I have always worked in fashion and have a major love for hair, makeup and anything beauty related, however I have never had my my nails done professionally! I’ve always loved having pretty nails and have quite the polish collection – one of my favourites has got to be Natio’s Maple, which I mentioned in my June favourites – but have always just painted them myself.

That all changed though, when I took my amateur nails to the expertise of Codey for my first ever set of acrylics! Excuse my naivety, but I had no idea how intricate the process is! From achieving a full sculptured french acrylic set to the gel polish application, Codey displayed absolute precision, and how gorgeous is this colour in soft pink?!

For a first set, I am absolutely obsessed! It took a bit of getting used to as I always kept my nails relatively short. Once I got over the fact that I could indeed still use my nails just the same with the same functionality, if not better in some cases, I’m only asking myself why I didn’t do this sooner! I’m now a nail convert and can’t wait to get them done again!

At the young age of just twenty, Codey has a pretty impressive resume, a trained tattooist, even nursing experience and qualified for just about every beauty need from her amazing skills for glamorous nails  to massages and everything in between, she’s your girl! Highly recommend her services! Find her on:



Also be sure to be following me on Instagram to enter my first GIVEAWAY!! You won’t want to miss it!


A cut above the rest

May 2014; that was the last time I got my hair cut. Not a cut nor a trim since then…I know, how terrible of me! It was this time when I was living in Brisbane and looking for a new job. My partner at the time, his sister was/is a hair salon manager and had suggested many times that I should give hairdressing a go. I wasn’t sure, it wasn’t something I’d ever really had a passion for and there was no end goal for me. I didn’t have dreams of running my own salon or partaking in hair shows.

I was window shopping in Carindale one afternoon when I saw positions advertised at a stunningly glamorous looking salon. All the women in there looked so stylish and put together that I ended up convincing myself that I could see a career in hair. I was feeling good about myself that day, I was dressed up, my makeup was on point and my hair was long, healthy and very Queensland blonde. With a confidence that seemed only appropriate for the job I walked right up to the counter and asked for the manager.

A mere twenty minutes and a successful interview later, I left the salon with a trial booked for the next day.

Fast forward a month or two and I was actually loving the job and was praised everyday by the manager that she was very impressed with my work. Now she wanted to give my hair a makeover so I was truly part of the team. I was excited but also nervous, my lovely long locks had taken a lot of time and tlc to achieve. The afternoon came and I was told ‘we’re going to give you the Lara Bingle chop’ … lets just say I wish I had read some of those trashy celeb magazines we always provided the clients with.

I had this in mind… but instead, before I could say anything, scissors were at the nape of my neck and I got the Bingle chop, alright!!

Of course Lara can pull it off, but I was horrified! I’d never had my hair that short and I hated it!! My eyes welled up and I tried everything not to cry, but there on the floor was all my long blonde hair I’d been so confident in. I went home that night really wondering if it was all worth it for a job that was paying $6-9 per hr as a first year apprentice for a career I didn’t even know that I wanted to strive for. I remember being on the phone to my mum crying, telling her ‘I look like a boy!!’ And after all that, I was in that job for only a few more weeks before I got really sick and diagnosed with Pancreatitis. I needed too much time off that I hadn’t built up my hours enough for and eventually after spending time in hospital, decided to move to the Sunshine Coast.

It is for that reason I have always been wary of getting my hair cut again. For the past few years, every time I went to the hairdressers it was only for my foils/colour and toner and would never want to see the sight of scissors. I was growing it out again and after a while had tape extensions too. My hair was finally getting back to how it used to be and with my hair growing, so did my confidence again.

This was without extensions in 2016 and this year with extensions

I was absolutely loving having long hair again, especially for photoshoots but after a while the upkeep of extensions and constantly thinking about the tabs in my hair was becoming frustrating so when Tori from Nova Hair and Body was looking for hair models for a cut, I bravely put my hand up, I did not want a repeat of 2014 but I also wanted my natural hair again.

Wow. I can’t find the words to say how happy I am with my haircut!! Tori has well and truly restored my faith in a hairdressers ability to listen to their client and provide a service everyone is happy with! I had said I was willing to have somewhat of a cut but I still wanted to be able to put it in a bun. We settled on a collarbone length and what I envisioned is what Tori brought to life and I couldn’t be happier! I am beyond impressed with the service and Nova as a salon as a whole, but Tori is absolutely amazing! She will be fully qualified as of June next year and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is seeking a stylish hairstyle/cut. And for anyone who is a little apprehensive how I was, have piece of mind that she truly listens and values you as a client!

September Favourites

September’s favourites have seemingly become a mish mash of winter and spring items. Aside from the weather, I’ve included products used in both August and October, better late than never though!

Kmart products never disappoint and this almond and coconut body and hair oil is no exception. This no daily essential was a result of one of those Kmart shops where you go in for one thing and come out with twelve other items you don’t really need but couldn’t resist – let’s be honest, this happens everytime! – only $3, this didn’t exactly break the bank either! This fragrant body spray is the perfect summer scent with sweet balmy coconut and almond; and the hydrated dewy look it gives my skin is so glowy and radiant and really compliments a good tan!

I think my first words were ‘I’m obsessed!’ The formula of NYX’s lingerie liquid lipstick in the shade ‘babydoll’ is one of the most lightweight I have ever tried! It’s the softness of the silk of a ballerina slipper. I’m a nude or pink lip kind of girl and this liquid lipstick is the perfect blend of both. It dries almost instantly to a matte consistency that creates the perfect pout, it does feel too dry though and can leave your lips feeling dehydrated and sticky so I tend to either re-apply too much or put a gloss over the top, which feels better but takes away from the pouted matte look.

Before discovering the Australia Browzit eyebrow perfecting kit, I had always used a pencil and spoolie brush to shape and fill my brows. I still reguarly consider getting my eyebrows feathered/tattooed and products like Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade are on my ‘to buy’ list, but for a more affordable option that still does wonders, the Australis kit is amazing! It comes in a neat little mirrored palette with a double ended brush and tweezers, a wax and then a blonde and brunette powder option. You know it’s a favourite when you hit pan in record time! The wax is almost smudge proof and works so well that I’ve been asked by makeup artists what I use because the product won’t budge! Definitely will be a repurchased item!

The last beauty product of my september favourites is the Elf liquid concealer in the shade ‘fair’. It’s consistency, coverage and colour match are amazing. I would even go so far as to say I’d rank it as a dupe of Nars creamy concealer. The only downside is that there isn’t a lot of product and no bigger sizes.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love the taste but my anxiety skyrockets. To begin with I simply cut down to one coffee a day and wouldn’t have anything caffeinated too close to bed time, but eventually it got worse and even half a cup would send my heart racing and my hands jittering. Of course decaf was an option but didn’t seem very exciting. My mum has been a lover of chai tea/lattes for a while and I’d always turned my nose up at it until recently I decided to give it a go again, well the rest is history. I don’t know what changed but I’m addicted! Regular cafe ones still hit the spot, but I have been particularly loving these instant sachet ones from Nescafe with ginger in them too. The smell of it hits you before you’ve even taken a sip and I swear it’s a natural anxiety remedy; oh and don’t even get me started on banana chai lattes!!

Oh an quietly on the side, I’ve been loving watching Life of Kylie and The Bachelorette, they’re the best guilty pleasures! I’m sure I’m not the only one!

What have you all been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!



Review: Senegence; Lipsense

lipsense liquid lipsticks

Not long ago I received not one but three Lipsense products from Senegence in my PO Box to try out. My first PR gift as a fashion blogger too, how exciting! I was thrilled when I was approached to pick a colour from the collection to try. I always gravitate towards nude and pink shades, so naturally I had my eye on ‘Bravo’. I was intrigued to find a step-by-step method included to achieve the perfect pout.

Firstly apply your liquid lip colour of choice – Bravo is a gorgeous sandy pink and the formula is amazing! When first applied it’s so lightweight it’s literally water to the lips, however, it dries instantly and smudge free, leaving a soft shimmer. Note, you will feel a tingling sensation, this is simply the cosmetic grade alcohol that keeps the tube from getting contaminated by bacteria from going back and forth from lips to the tube.

Next go in with the Glossy Gloss, this is a must as it’s not only moisturising but also sets the colour. Now simply enjoy a long lasting colour that can take you from day to night, you need only to reapply the gloss.

When it comes time to take your makeup off, Lipsense have even got you covered with the ‘Ooops Remover’, easily rub onto your lip colour and wipe clean.

There are so many liquid lipsticks that are too drying or even leave your lips sticky, so I honestly love that with such a thoughtful focus on the care of their customers lips, Senegence have created extremely innovative products that have a ‘just right’ feel. I highly recommend you all to place a cheeky order! You can do so by heading to . And if you love the products as much as I do and think others will too, you can sign up as a distributer at a small cost of $55 and start making money yourself from this genius cosmetic discovery.

For more info:


Instagram: @Pucker_Perfection

Facebook Group:

Facebook Page: 



Empties: 01

Another first for the blog, today I am sharing my first ’empties’ post. All of the products I’m raving about today were first time purchases and are now ‘must-buy-again’ favourites.

MAC CREME CUPThis cremesheen beauty is THE perfect pinky nude and was also the very first MAC lipstick/product I ever purchased. (I know, I was quite late to the game, but I’ve definitely made up for it) Creme Cup quickly became my ‘everyday’ colour and I finally understood the hype, my lips didn’t know what they were missing out on!

MARY LOU-MANIZER: Another product I’d seen a lot of hype about was the Balm’s range of highlighters. I’m a sucker for packaging, so that alone had me enticed; a friend of mine is a makeup artist and reguarly used the Mary Lou-manizer on her clients. Not even a few weeks after purchasing and falling in love with it’s velvety soft glow, @lucille.kai used this on me for a photoshoot; now you see me. 

OGX BRAZILIAN KERATIN THERAPY SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: I received these Christmas last year and now OGX is one of the only brands I use on my hair. Being a girl on a budget, this is a great supermarket alternative when you’re looking for a salon finish feel with no sulphates or parabens! Oh, and it smells amazing!

LUSH COMFORTER: On the topic of amazing smells.. the Lush Comforter shower gel is literally what the label says – ‘A cuddle in a bottle’ – It smells heavenly – This berrylicious, reassuring shower cream brings to mind warm, familiar memories. The blend of sweet cassis absolute, uplifting bergamot and assuring cypress essential oils create a blackcurranty aroma that’s like being wrapped in a snug hug. – and turns even quick showers into a pamper moment. My skin gets so soft, it just leaves a cozy feeling and I’m ready to jump into bed. And lets not bipass the fact that it’s insanely pink!

LOREAL TRUEMATCH FOUNDATION: Last but certainly not least is the Loreal Truematch foundation. It’s a product that’s been circulating hype for a while now, and with good reason. I’m yet to find a better drugstore foundation since and it’s become an absolute staple. It has a very thin, almost watery consistancy but on the skin the coverage is amazing while still feeling lightweight. I’ve been combining it with my MAC  Studio Fix NC20 or wearing it on it’s own and am in the shade 2N Vanilla 

What have been some of your recent empties? Any products you swear by? Or anything you wouldn’t buy again? Let me know in the comments! 🙂






Let’s get Liveglam!

Nails, lips, brushes, check! Just when I thought I’d found the latest unique and innovative subscription box, Liveglam brought the goods! They offer a one stop shop for some of your top beauty essentials all in a neatly presented surprise of a subscription box. Choose from makeup brushes, lipsticks, nail polishes, or you know, all of the above! Here’s what you’ll receive:

Brush up your kit: First of you, don’t you love the pun?! For an amazingly affordable price of $19.99 3-8 Morphe brushes, yes Morphe!, will be delivered to your door. Choose from a 1, 6 or 12 month subscription and with so many variations of brushes – powder, liner, contour, eyeshadow, foundation, you name it! – you’ll never receive the same brush twice. Oh and for the cherry on the cake, every month you’re an active member you can earn points towards free products. Still not sold? Liveglam gives you the freedom to cancel anytime, skip months you don’t want or trade brushes!

Pucker up: Lippies more your thing? Subscribe to this gorgeous box of goodies and you’ll receive 3 long lasting, fast drying and deliciously smelling liquid lipsticks. Made with a cruelty free vegan formula and each in a custom rose gold casing, these are just too tempting! Did I mention all 3 are less than the price of 1?!

Polish up your life: Seriously Liveglam, you’re killing it with the puns! Want 3 gel like, fast drying, single coat polishes every month? Then this is the box for you! With a selection of glitters, metallics, neutrals, nudes and brights, you’ll never receive the same polish twice and your nails will always be on trend!

Which subscription box is calling your name? Have any of you tried out Liveglam’s products before? I don’t know about you but I’m just grateful someone invented subscription boxes, I can’t get enough!

Have you read my last post?

Review: Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner

It was only when I picked up this little guy from Daiso, we all know the store; they sell anything and everything with majority of things being $2.80 (seriously, how can you not buy it all?!) that I realised I’ve never actually bought actual makeup brush cleaner. I know, shock!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always used handsoap or shampoo to clean my brushes (I still highly recommend this as a cheaper alternative. If you want to do one better for your brushes, use baby shampoo!) but I thought I might as well give it a go.

On a first based impression, I like it but I’m not obsessed. It does the job but my brushes didn’t turn out squeaky clean like I’d hoped. I’ve always cleaned my brushes by swirling them in the palm of my hand under hot running water, however this time I tried how the directions on the bottle suggested and let them soak in a container.

Could this alter how clean they turn out? Would love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments which brush cleaners and methods you use!

Note: this product is not sponsored.

Have you read my last post?

June Favourites

Well this is my first official favourites post on the blog and I tell you, it’s packed with some goodies! It’s Winter here in the Adelaide hills which means it’s essential to keep your skin hydrated, so to kick things off my first favourite is the Victoria’s Secret Secret Charm body butter. I’ve been lathering myself in this gorgeous honeysuckle and jasmine scent every night after a hot shower and it’s just amazing.

To follow a hot shower in winter tea is pretty much an essential. I’m obsessed with and only drink herbal teas, my cupboard is overflowing with them but the one I’ve been reaching for is Twinings Cranberry and Pomegranate. Yum!

Winter always brings out the darker colours, whether we plan it or not, and a warm nail colour is no exception. This Natio nail polish in the colour Maple is sophisticated and on trend!

And to keep that windswept hair under control, I’ve invested in a new hairbrush for the season. It’s cute, silver and doubles as a mirror but seriously when I say I invested, it was $4 from Kmart, can’t go wrong really for a shiny paddle brush!

To end on another Kmart bargain, I picked up these adorable pink and rose gold trainers for only $18. Got to keep those tootsies covered in this weather and it’s just yet another pink item to add to the collection. For a girl who’s always disliked pink, I sure own a lot of it now! Look out for a new photoshoot post coming soon, the whole theme is pink!

All photo’s taken by me.

Clique Mag Winter 2017 issue is out now too