HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 48 things about my mum!

My mum is truly a one of a kind woman! She is kind, thoughtful, and always there when you need her most. In today’s post I am sharing 48 things about my mum in celebrating her 48th birthday (which is actually the 7th of November! haha) To give you an insight into the person she is, I’m going to let the facts do the talking.

  1. Full name: Bridget Edwina Sabel
  2. She’s an ethically based vegetarian
  3. Like me, she also had a time where she lived interstate – Albury/ Wodonga
  4. Brunette
  5. Hazel green eyes
  6. Petite like moi
  7. The oldest of 4
  8. Yet probably the most childlike. She has an infectiously carefree personality which I love and is a prime example that age is just a number.
  9. She’s a giver not a taker, I’m always saying she’s too nice for her own good.
  10. She grew up in Stirling
  11. Favourite colour is purple
  12. Loves Jacaranda trees
  13. Is an amazing knitter but I’ll be honest, not the best at actually finishing projects.
  14. Can interpret/analyse dreams
  15. Is extremely creative, I like to think that’s where I get it from.
  16. Is a sensitive soul, which can sometimes be a disadvantage but her heart is always in the right place.
  17. She takes after my grandpa the most
  18. My oh my, she’s a chatterbox!!
  19. By far, one of her best traits is that she’s open minded and no judgemental
  20. Favourite sweet treat has got to be blackforest cake!
  21. A classic 80’s music lover, understandably though, as those were her teen/twenties years,
  22. Her first concert was Howard Jones at the age of 13
  23. Mum is the culprit of my Chai latte obsession
  24. She’s in her element in the kitchen, her best dishes are usually the ones she just whips up on the spot!
  25. Look out for her food blog launching very soon!!!!!!!!!
  26. My ability to collect lipsticks like stamps comes from her.
  27. Her biggest fear is heights
  28. Favourite movie: Desperately Seeking Susan
  29. She’s a Scorpio (but that’s probably self explanatory from the timing of this post)
  30. She’s great with kids and is a qualified teachers aid.
  31. She has a thing for owls; mugs, pyjamas, you name it
  32. She’s a real bargain hunter!
  33. A dream of hers is to own a tiny home/ tumbleweed house on wheels
  34. Where some people are OCD about even numbers, she’s all for the opposite. She won’t just microwave something for 30 seconds, she’ll insist on ’27’ or ’31’ for example, anything a bit odd, literally.
  35. Like me, she’s not a big drinker, no drastic decision, just drifted from the desire too. When she does drink though, Midori is a favourite.
  36. Never been overseas but first destination would be Italy or Rome, wherever there are cobbled streets.
  37. A borderline hoarder… she has the ‘I might need it one day’ mindset.
  38. A candle collector, I remember I used to be a bit uneasy because of the fire but I love lighting candles now and making my home smell cosy and beautifully fragrant.
  39. She can’t make a quick decision to save her life, let’s call it thorough with attention to detail!
  40. Another similarity Mum and I have is that we both are able to work in a team but achieve more and are a lot more comfortable working solely and hence both work self contracted/employed jobs.
  41. We both share a love for the city of Melbourne. No family or business over there, but it’s the best escape and a second home now.
  42. She had a perm phase… let’s just leave it at that.
  43. She has a very eclectic style, but she owns it.
  44. Celebrity crush – John Cusack, each to their own I guess.
  45. No piercings, no tattoos
  46. Doesn’t drive…
  47. But doesn’t smoke either
  48. And last but not least, she’s the most thoughtful, caring, understanding and well rounded Mum anyone could ask for and to top it all off, she’s a one (wonder) woman show!

Mum’s the one in the pretty floral dress 🙂 Far right is my Aunt Charlotte, then left of mum is my grandma, Aunt Abigail and my grandpa holding me. Don’t know where my Uncle Ben is though!

The perm… but it’s she beautiful??!

Mum’s birthday, not too sure which year it was. In my childhood home though with Grandma and my Aunt Abigail.

I had more photos to add to this post but they’ve somehow misplaced themselves on my phone… don’t worry mum, there’s always next year!! Happy Birthday xxx

Happy Halloween! Pumpkin Carving

Straight off the bat I’ll just say, if you’re looking for a pumpkin carving tutorial with extreme wow factor… this probably isn’t the post for you. This is a small dedication to my Halloween festivities as an Australian.

Halloween, as much as I wish it did, isn’t something that’s ever been majorly celebrated in Australia. We get the occasional group of teenagers trick or treating and the parties are still a go ahead but the innocence of the holiday was somehow lost in translation I think. We don’t ‘prepare’ our houses so to speak and there’s no great expectation for a constant flow of cute children knocking on your door in adorable costumes.

I did however want to set the theme subtly in my home so I picked up some mini pumpkins from the supermarket and with a small kitchen knife, a spoon and an apple corer, I put my Aussie hands to work and ‘carved pumpkins’

Although a very basic attempt, they still turned out quite effective and not bad for an Aussie’s first attempt I think!

However you celebrate and wherever you’re reading this from, Happy Halloween!!

Blogger Profile: Jessie Wright of Jssirite.com

Today on the blog I am sharing my first ever collaboration/interview! Aside from the fact Jessie is a fellow Adelady, I knew I wanted to interview her because of her inspirational achievements. I admire those who posses ambition and have the drive and determination to succeed. At just 25, Jessie has built a successful style blog and made a name and career for herself all the while remaining humble and kind. Interviewing her was such a pleasure! And it went something like this:

How do you define yourself as a social guru?

I love social media, and I’m really lucky that what started as a personal passion, I was able to turn into a job. I manage social media accounts at an amazing creative agency (ranked second in Australia) here in Adelaide. In basic terms I get paid to sit on Facebook all day – and I love every minute of it!

And as a fashion lover, how would you describe your style? 

I think my style is always evolving, but it’s always been very structured, dramatic but simple. I’m not super girlie and always toughen up a look with leather or dark tones. I try not to ever be too ‘on trend’ because I think that dates quickly. To be honest I probably can’t afford to dress how I would like to, so I’m never satisfied. 

This year you graced AFF with your attendance of many dazzling events, what led to your involvement? 

I was so lucky to be invited to attend AFF17. The event was incredible and such a credit to the amazing creative minds we are home to in SA. I think South Australian style is seriously underestimated. The event South Australia Tourism and Chris Kontos have created on behalf of our state is world class and I would love for more South Australians to experience it! 

And what were your highlight moments?

So many highlights! Probably the moment I realised I was in the same room as Christine Centenera, mind blown! I loved attending the closing party with Morphettville Racecourse – those girls know how to hold a party! And seeing all the street style. I find so much inspiration in seeing how other people style themselves. It’s really cool to see everyone find freedom in their outfits for the festival. I also had a major pinch me moment wearing David Jones to the David Jones runway. It blows my mind when I get the opportunity to work with brands that I’ve grown up to. I’m such a small fish in the blogging world so to be considered by these brands is always a dream. 

What trends are on the horizon Adelaide/Australia Spring/Summer?

Linen! I’m all about linen dresses! Shona Joy have some really cool ones! The colour orange is having a real moment in the US but I think it’ll hit AUS in a more subdued burnt orange tone. Red accessories are having a big moment and cargo pants – I have my eyes on a Zara pair!

The meaning behind Finding the Grey is about finding one’s balance and happiness between black and white. What centers you? How do you find your Grey?

Honestly I really struggle to find my grey! I feel like I’m in the hustle stage of my life and I just want to run with it. I want to achieve as much as I can and learn as much as I can. I’m so busy and still not good at juggling everything but when I think of happiness I think of Ben. I love doing life with him. I’m really lucky, like really really lucky. 

What do you hope to achieve in the future for your blog and brand image?

I never really planned to be a ‘blogger’ I started my blog years ago – about 7, and for me it’s always been just a way to express something I’m passionate about. I grew up in the country and I was allergic to makeup so fashion was always something so exciting to me. I’m a natural sharer and I love fashion. I love the way clothes can shape a woman’s body, how they can make you feel. The freedom of wearing something you love! The blog was just a natural progression of this love and I’m so lucky (it’s still so crazy to me) that people want to tune in! I hope I can continue to grow. I have some pretty exciting collaborations in the works so ‘watch this space’. 

Be sure to check out Jessie’s blog for major style inspiration! www.jssirite.com 

Follow and find her on Facebook and Instagram and while you’re there give me a follow too! 🙂

September Favourites

September’s favourites have seemingly become a mish mash of winter and spring items. Aside from the weather, I’ve included products used in both August and October, better late than never though!

Kmart products never disappoint and this almond and coconut body and hair oil is no exception. This no daily essential was a result of one of those Kmart shops where you go in for one thing and come out with twelve other items you don’t really need but couldn’t resist – let’s be honest, this happens everytime! – only $3, this didn’t exactly break the bank either! This fragrant body spray is the perfect summer scent with sweet balmy coconut and almond; and the hydrated dewy look it gives my skin is so glowy and radiant and really compliments a good tan!

I think my first words were ‘I’m obsessed!’ The formula of NYX’s lingerie liquid lipstick in the shade ‘babydoll’ is one of the most lightweight I have ever tried! It’s the softness of the silk of a ballerina slipper. I’m a nude or pink lip kind of girl and this liquid lipstick is the perfect blend of both. It dries almost instantly to a matte consistency that creates the perfect pout, it does feel too dry though and can leave your lips feeling dehydrated and sticky so I tend to either re-apply too much or put a gloss over the top, which feels better but takes away from the pouted matte look.

Before discovering the Australia Browzit eyebrow perfecting kit, I had always used a pencil and spoolie brush to shape and fill my brows. I still reguarly consider getting my eyebrows feathered/tattooed and products like Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade are on my ‘to buy’ list, but for a more affordable option that still does wonders, the Australis kit is amazing! It comes in a neat little mirrored palette with a double ended brush and tweezers, a wax and then a blonde and brunette powder option. You know it’s a favourite when you hit pan in record time! The wax is almost smudge proof and works so well that I’ve been asked by makeup artists what I use because the product won’t budge! Definitely will be a repurchased item!

The last beauty product of my september favourites is the Elf liquid concealer in the shade ‘fair’. It’s consistency, coverage and colour match are amazing. I would even go so far as to say I’d rank it as a dupe of Nars creamy concealer. The only downside is that there isn’t a lot of product and no bigger sizes.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love the taste but my anxiety skyrockets. To begin with I simply cut down to one coffee a day and wouldn’t have anything caffeinated too close to bed time, but eventually it got worse and even half a cup would send my heart racing and my hands jittering. Of course decaf was an option but didn’t seem very exciting. My mum has been a lover of chai tea/lattes for a while and I’d always turned my nose up at it until recently I decided to give it a go again, well the rest is history. I don’t know what changed but I’m addicted! Regular cafe ones still hit the spot, but I have been particularly loving these instant sachet ones from Nescafe with ginger in them too. The smell of it hits you before you’ve even taken a sip and I swear it’s a natural anxiety remedy; oh and don’t even get me started on banana chai lattes!!

Oh an quietly on the side, I’ve been loving watching Life of Kylie and The Bachelorette, they’re the best guilty pleasures! I’m sure I’m not the only one!

What have you all been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!



Book review: What’s New Pussycat by Alexandra Potter

whats new pussycat

I first mentioned this book in my winter essentials post – yes, I’ve only just finished reading it! I’m definitely one to take my time reading a book, but there’s always one on my bedside table. I’m also currently getting through the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin, so I love a chick-lit or two in between heavier reading.

What’s New Pussycat is  classic hopeless romantic tale. We follow Delilah (there’s many Tom Jones references!) as she leaves her dull Yorkshire life behind to chase new adventures in London. There she meets eccentric Vivienne, sweet cafe owner Sam and handsome, wealthy Charlie. Falling into a lavishly glamorous lifestyle, Delilah is set on a path of self discovery as she questions what, and who, it really is she is searching for in life.

This is a great, warm hearted read and I have been converted to a Potter fan of a new kind!

What have you been reading? Any recommendations? Have you read this or any others by Alexandra Potter?

Others by this author:

Going La La 

Don’t you forget about me

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Be careful what you wish for

Do you come here often? 

How Finding the Grey got it’s name

Finding the Grey has been a blog name I’ve been settled on for about three years now. I don’t remember how it formed in my mind now, if it was a ‘shower thought’ or one of those restless nights where your mind runs a millions miles an hour but it was definitely a light bulb spark, an ‘a-ha’ moment if you will.

On the surface the name is a representation of my style aesthetic. I’ve ventured out a bit more since but for the main part my ‘uniform’ is a varient mix up of the same colours between black and white – nude, pastell pink, navy and GREY.

On a deeper, and perhaps somewhat controversial level, the world simply is not black and white and this can be applied to so many things. I strongly believe in equality and that as human beings we are all on middle ground as one race. I believe we should all exist in a positive grey area. There shouldn’t be a boundary line of acceptance. Love, kindness and humanity is a language we all speak. There should not be a black and white divide based on race, gender, sexuality etc.

I personally am not religious, but if someone can have an open and mutually respectful conversation with me, no judgement and can establish a ‘grey’ balance of understanding, that resonates with me so much.

This, I know, is a topic that has only just scraped the surface but on the contrary I don’t want to preach my beliefs too much either. We are all entitled to our own opinion. I am not antagonising a debate here. I personally am just enjoying a lifestyle where I have settled into a ‘grey area’ where I strive for happiness. If you’re not hurting anyone, everyone should have the freedom to discover and live their own happiness.


Photography – Louise Bagger

Hair and Makeup – Emily Bock

Earn Your Stripes

A little over a week ago we shot the first location post of spring for the blog. Ironically I sat huddled in a jacket for hair and makeup and many of my ‘Marilyn moments’ were the culprit of icy winds more than a seasonal breeze, but that’s Adelaide for you!

Like many, I’m a sucker for a coloured wall or a good piece of street art. It’s like a ‘for the gram’ scavenger hunt – can’t go past a pink wall! If anyone knows any coloured walls or cool spots in Adelaide, please let me know!

I was actually on the hunt for a dark pink wall on Gilbert street when I came across this orange gem.


After stumbling upon this little side street we soon discovered this was one of many coloured areas and the impromptu photos began!

More images can be found on David’s website who was the man behind the lens for this shoot; it’s truly amazing what he can capture for someone who is still blossoming his skills on the camera his wife gifted him!

To top off a great shoot, the owner of this now iconic orange backdrop offered for us to use the courtyard of his property for photos too!

Peter Holden has created Studio 44, which he rents on Air BnB; so if you’re after a stylish yet comfortable place to rest your head and enjoy artistic surroundings in one of Adelaide’s largest courtyards, this is the place! It’s the southern hospitality you’re looking for in the convenience of the CBD.

For hair and makeup we went for natural with a touch of glam. Sharleen worked her magic and amongst other products (many of which are now on my Sephora wishlist!) used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette to achieve this look. For more details head on over to her website!

White and Navy striped chiffon slip dress is from Cotton on from last years $10 sale rack.

The Navy and white pin striped playsuit I picked up for $20 at Tempt also about a year ago.

Blue halter neck crop top is an oldie from Agent Ninety nine

Pinstriped wideleg pants were purchased this month from tempt however this is the closest I could find on the site. In the Rundle Mall store (Myer Centre) there are a pair that are $14.95 and have a stretch waist but no tie/belt attached.

Nude heels worn throughout the shoot are the San Sebastian Heel from Rubi Shoes for $39.95 

Hair and Makeup: Sharleen Pereira 

Photography: David Sharrad




Why I Started Blogging

Why I started blogging

Starting a blog was something I procrastinated over for a long time. I started working in the fashion industry from the end of 2011, doing work experience in everything from wholesale and PR to working in a bridal boutique and assisting back stage at fashion shows until I became a styling intern for Westfield. I worked long hours and applied myself in order to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Throughout the Autumn/Winter 2012 season I gained experience in visual merchandising as well as personal styling. From there I pursued a career in styling and built up a large portfolio. I posted on my personal Facebook profile what I was doing and started a business page but it never really extended further than friends and family.

Aside from fashion, I have always had a huge passion for creative writing. Growing up I always had my nose buried in a book which would always spark my imagination. I wrote short stories all the time. This carried through to high school where English was my best and favourite subject. So much so, I wrote a whole book when I was 15, of which I still have an original and edited manuscript of; who knows, I might still get the courage one day to follow through my attempt to publish it.

Fastforward to 2014, living in always sunny Noosa, Queensland. I started to build up a new contact list, as all my previous work was Adelaide based. I posted a callout and had a team of content writers for my newest project ‘Finding the Grey’. It had great potential but the commitment wasn’t in everyone’s interest and shortly after life had other plans and I was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

Three years later and I believe it’s a case of third time lucky. I know now exactly the sort of content I want to create. My health is never going to be 100% but if I keep waiting for the ‘right time’ it will never happen.

I am absolutely loving blogging. Creating content with amazing, likeminded people and sharing a story along the way. I love having the freedom to have this primarily be a fashion blog but also talk about health, beauty, issues in society, absolutely whatever. It’s a peaceful and creative outlet that brings me happiness and if my words inspire or help even just one of you, then that just makes it even better!

Would love to hear what made others of you start your blogging journey!


Review: Senegence; Lipsense

lipsense liquid lipsticks

Not long ago I received not one but three Lipsense products from Senegence in my PO Box to try out. My first PR gift as a fashion blogger too, how exciting! I was thrilled when I was approached to pick a colour from the collection to try. I always gravitate towards nude and pink shades, so naturally I had my eye on ‘Bravo’. I was intrigued to find a step-by-step method included to achieve the perfect pout.

Firstly apply your liquid lip colour of choice – Bravo is a gorgeous sandy pink and the formula is amazing! When first applied it’s so lightweight it’s literally water to the lips, however, it dries instantly and smudge free, leaving a soft shimmer. Note, you will feel a tingling sensation, this is simply the cosmetic grade alcohol that keeps the tube from getting contaminated by bacteria from going back and forth from lips to the tube.

Next go in with the Glossy Gloss, this is a must as it’s not only moisturising but also sets the colour. Now simply enjoy a long lasting colour that can take you from day to night, you need only to reapply the gloss.

When it comes time to take your makeup off, Lipsense have even got you covered with the ‘Ooops Remover’, easily rub onto your lip colour and wipe clean.

There are so many liquid lipsticks that are too drying or even leave your lips sticky, so I honestly love that with such a thoughtful focus on the care of their customers lips, Senegence have created extremely innovative products that have a ‘just right’ feel. I highly recommend you all to place a cheeky order! You can do so by heading to www.Senegence.com/PuckerPerfection . And if you love the products as much as I do and think others will too, you can sign up as a distributer at a small cost of $55 and start making money yourself from this genius cosmetic discovery.

For more info:

Email: PuckerPerfection@gmail.com

Instagram: @Pucker_Perfection

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1159709424039356/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PuckerPerfection/ 




As I’m posting this lookbook mid September, warm spring days are still a lust of the future. Luckily we managed to catch a few rays to shoot these spring inspired outfits.

Spring by far is my favourite season; The air brings a warm breeze that’s sweet with the fragrance of the blooming blossoms and if you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean, the salt of the sea tingles your senses. The feeling almost ignites a feeling of nostalgia, I think because this time of year holds some of my favourite memories holidaying and spending time with friends and family.

These looks have got me more than ready to soak up the much anticipated sun!

LOOK ONE: Blue and white pinstriped top – A Harbour Town steal by the brand ‘Maxim’. White jeans from Cotton On, yellow sandals were from Kmart a year or so ago and the orange clutch I found op shopping!


LOOK 2: A very ununiformed femanine look for me, this dress was a quick pick up for an office dress up day for the races a few years back from Supre. It has palm trees and is a perfect match for this pink wall tucked away on a side street of Halifax street. The boots are a look for less option of the silver trend I found at Big W for $30. Don’t mind if I do!


LOOK 3: This mottled white and green box tee, another steal from Harbour Town, made it’s debut for the shoot and paired perfectly with the jeans again from Cotton On. They’re actually the exact same as the white jeans in look one but in khaki. The white and silver buckled sandals my mum picked up a few years back at a David Jones Christmas sale and the clutch, as mentioned above, was an op shop treasure.


Photography: Jessica Macrow of Macrow Photography

Makeup: Kelly Green of Makeup by Kelly Lynch 

Lighting & Photographers assistant: Lorrene Mcclymont of Hope Images