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It’s no secret, I love my online shopping and I’m sure you all do too. Shopping made acceptable at 1am in your pyjamas and a facemask, is all that needs to be said. I’ve stumbled across a new little treasure, Lulus!Gorgeous, affordable pieces and a crazy sale up to 70% off you’d be crazy not to go fill up your cart with goodies right now!

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Now you see me

My first photoshoot experience IN FRONT of the camera, I knew exactly how I wanted to appear and working with a fabulous team, we found the perfect strip of street art tucked away in Glenelg to bring these looks to life.

Outfit one: Camo jacket from Strapless bra from Miss & She.Velvet black suede Vixen pants from Runaway the label/Whitefox Boutique. Shoes from Spendless.

Outfit two: Chic blue crushed velvet tee from Tempt AU. Silver shorts from Zara.

Photography: Jessica Macrow

Hair and Makeup: Lucy Calvert (Find her amazing work on instagram @Lucille.kai